Filming House Hunters International Puerto Vallarta

Filming House Hunters International Puerto Vallarta

This January, we had the pleasure of being featured in an episode of House Hunters International. Touring various properties in Puerto Vallarta couldn’t have been a more enjoyable experience (we ARE in Vallarta after all!).

It started with Taniel Chemsian from Timothy Real Estate Group giving us a call asking if we wanted to be featured on HHI. I was a little shy at first; while Zapher was more gung-ho. I’m glad I finally overcame my initial reservation as the entire process turned out to be really enjoyable.

The first property we looked at was truly gorgeous. Being the first property on our tour, Rivera Molino really set the bar for what we saw in Mexico, and everything else was compared to it. The city location was right in the middle of everything and I could really imagine having guests or family over and being able to walk to restaurants and nightlife very easily. Besides the location, the property was brand new: Definitely a plus there! It’s designed almost like a boutique resort, with large outdoor walkways between the units and a really great common area heated pool and other great amenities and details. The Rivera Molino is river front, with lush tropical landscaping and a half a block from the beach. Upon entering the unit, we immediately noticed the lofty, bright and airy feel. The master bedroom had a great walk in closet, while the second bedroom had a larger layout with fantastic built-ins. The kitchen was spacious with a granite island for additional counter space. This penthouse is the first property I’ve even seen with a laundry room that had ocean views.  How great is that! Not to mention the build in IPod docking station in the wall. Another really cool thing about this development is that you have a combination of jungle, city, and ocean views. Zapher really appreciated the ocean breeze and I really liked the central location. I’m an outdoor guy, so I really liked having the large sunny patio as well. The layouts are modern, the surfaces and materials are up-to-date, and the location is pretty unbeatable.   It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture oneself at home at this quality development.

After being impressed with Property #1, I was excited to see what Taniel had up his sleeve for our next stop.  We were headed a little further down the coastline and a block up from highway 200, in a neighborhood called Colonia Amapas. It wasn’t right in the middle of everything, but Terraza Del Mar was definitely walking distance to where we would want to be…the beach. This 3-year-old development was completely different from the first property. Where as the first property was more contemporary, with clean white lines, Terraza Del Mar was more in line with a traditional design, with tropical finishes, vast tropical plant abound with a funicular elevator that would take you directly onto the garden area of each individual unit…probably the most unique feature we’d seen yet. Upon entering, the space seemed very wide and expansive, with plenty of indoor/outdoor spaces for entertaining. The views were right into the middle of the bay with additional northern city skyline. Terraza Del Mar isn’t as close to the water as Rivera Molino, but it’s only an 8-10 minute walk to the pristine beach below the highway. Like the Rivera Molino, Terraza Del Mar was new,  so everything was modern and up-to-date.  The kitchen had granite countertops, European style fixtures and cabinets made of solid primavera wood. The only challenge here was that it was essentially a concrete shell. It didn’t come with any lighting and had all bare concrete walls. It would definitely take some polishing to make it our own, and we weren’t sure if we were ready to put in the extra effort to finish it off.  Also, I wasn’t all that keen on having a place further out of town, but Zapher was very much into this gorgeous and tranquil development.

We were having a heated discussion in Taniel’s car as to which of the first two properties should stay on our list, when Taniel pulled us in front of building #3, and our mouths just dropped! Taniel found us a home in Conchas Chinas that he thought was right up our alley, and was he ever right! We told him that views were one of the most important things to us, and he pulled out all the stops on this one.  Before I get into the condo itself, it’s important to note that the neighborhood of Conchas Chinas is very Hollywood Hills-like.  After all, this was the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta. Conchas Chinas is the south most neighborhood we’ve explored but the views from this area comes with its rewards. We were both absolutely blown away by the vistas from this completely remodeled residence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a view that great from a private home in my life.  It’s as if time had stood still and we were completely mesmerized by the surreal vista of the southern bay and Sierra Madre Mountains. Upon entering, you’re immediately in a living room that’s obviously been redesigned for entertaining guests. This is definitely a home built for gatherings. Giant sliding glass doors open up the entire living space to allow better access to the wrap around balcony with its hypnotic views and private heated splash pool. We weren’t really keen on the decor, so it would take some updating, including adding different lighting, tiles and a few other odds and ends. Although not much work was needed, it wasn’t as turn-key as the first property. This residence was really all about the views, and there was no shortage of it. Every room in the property was designed so that it really took advantage of the incredible south shore mountain and water views. In fact, even the views from both showers were quite amazing! Zapher really loved having a private little pool on the terrace as well, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live so high up into the mountain and further south than the second property. This home had a lot to offer, but there was the small tradeoff of the location.

After viewing each property, I think we were both really amazed that our realtor Taniel was able to show us such a fantastic array of properties that all fit within our budget. Before meeting Taniel, I didn’t realize options like this existed. After serious consideration and much discussion, Zapher and I realized each property represented a tremendous value in their own right and no decision was going to come easy. So, we headed over to Los Muertos beach and hammered out our decision over a couple of cold margaritas…and we came up with the winner!

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