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Throughout my career in Real Estate, I have found that almost everyone uses social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. And what better way to promote your property than a platform that is used daily by over 60% of the population?

Unlike listing your property for sale on MLS and Zillow — social media platforms connect you DIRECTLY to people — all sorts of people! People who are ready to buy now, buy in the near future, buy in the distant future — even people who did not realize they were ready to buy until they saw your property!

What I am saying is, you have the ability to connect with individuals directly on a personal level.

Developing Your Brand & Finding Leads on Social Media

I’ve used social media to sell properties and to connect with people who have like minded interests in Real Estate and Investing. Promoting my properties on social media has also helped me build a brand name. Thousands of people see my posts on a daily basis and begin to recognize my name and the type of properties I provide. A potential relationship develops.

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I don’t post my properties on just any social platform. There are hundreds of Real Estate investing groups that thousands of people join — but a group must be relevant.

There are also “garage sale” groups designed specifically for the area where your property is located. From locals to people located internationally, social media platforms are the very best FREE marketing available.

With so much outreach, social media marketing can open you up to a bit of spam, “tire kickers.” But even tire kickers are looking around for a reason. They may not buy today, but keep them on the back list, answer questions as clearly and concisely as possible and move to the “now” buyer.

There is a buyer for everything!

Handling Negative Feedback

But what about negative opinions of a property or of the selling price? This is unavoidable. People have likes, dislikes, and plenty of opinions on both that they may feel the need to express.

Though you may want to respond with “Thanks for your comment, please don’t give up your day job,” remember that any interest is interest. There is a right price and property for everyone. Kindly thank these folks and wish them a good day on their journey. Your prospective buyers will read the post and realize that you are a professional. Your calm response is likely to inspire them toward doing business with you!

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Never React, Always Respond is what I was once told by a past mentor.


As I said previously, promoting your business and properties on social media outlets is a wonderful way to grow your business, build relationships and sell properties. But it DOES bring you on a personal level with thousands of people—so use it the RIGHT way.

Have you sold a property via social media? How do you use social outlets in your real estate business?

Describe your experience below!

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