Timothy Real Estate Group will be hosting their second House Hunters International charity fundraiser event on November 24, 2014 at the new Mantamar Beach Club on Los Muertos Beach, benefiting four local charities. Their goal is to surpass the first event, which raised over $110,000 Pesos for the local organizations. Becas Vallarta will be one of the beneficiaries from this year’s “Gilligan’s Island” theme event.

2014 Former Becado Hector Ulloa and helpers give out the supplies


 Even though most everyone agrees that education is the key to living a productive and satisfying life, and that it should be available to every child, that is not always the case for Puerto Vallarta kids. Many come from single parent homes; homes with five, six or more children or homes where the breadwinner makes only enough to provide the very basics of life. Those circumstances make it impossible for the children, no matter how bright and eager to learn, to continue their education past the mandated junior high. That is where Becas Vallarta, A.C. and the America-Mexico Foundation, Inc. come in. For more than fifty years, together they have awarded scholarships to thousands of young Vallartenses through junior high, high school, university and even medical school.

 Becas Vallarta, A. C. is a non-profit, tax-deductible Mexican foundation charged with fund raising and administering the scholarships program for students in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The America-Mexico Foundation, Inc., founded in 1961, is a non-profit USA tax-deductible foundation (under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code) that donates all funds raised to finance those scholarships.

 These two non-profit organizations have as their only purpose raising funds to provide scholarships for as many Puerto Vallarta students as possible. Working with no office, no telephone, no computers or copiers, these organizations manage to meet the budget of over $150,000 USD each year. Mexican, Canadian and American volunteers working in harmony to make Puerto Vallarta, and yes the world, a better place by having an educated populace.

 In order to qualify for a scholarship a student must live and attend public schools in the Puerto Vallarta area, show real financial need which is verified in the schools they are attending, maintain a grade point average of 8.5 (of a possible 10), attend required

meetings with the foundation members, be good citizens in the school and community and help with foundation functions when asked. But once a student has earned a scholarship, the foundation pledges to continue financial aid until the educational goal is met as long as she or he continues to fulfill the prescribed Becados obligations.


We need funds to underwrite the scholarships we sponsor:

 Junior High Scholarship $160 USD: includes full school uniform, school shoes, gym clothes, all school supplies needed for the year including dictionaries and calculators.

Senior High Scholarship $550 USD: this is given in checks twice a year at a personal meeting with each student. They may use this money for their most pressing needs, tuition, food, transportation, etc.

University Scholarship $700 USD: this is also given in checks twice a year at a personal meeting with each student. They may use this money for their most pressing needs, tuition, transportation, food, etc.

 For more information regarding ticket sales or to make a donation, contact:

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