Move-In and Move-In Checklists

“Procedures.” “Process.” “System.”

Ugghh. The words have a jarring sound. Who wakes up in the morning, leaping out of bed, excited about policy and procedures?

But after shuffling dozens of tenants through move-in and move-out, I’ve come to recognize the value of having procedures and checklists. They streamline everything. They make the process faster and more efficient. They prevent you from smacking your forehead and saying, “Darn it, I forgot to do a walk-thru inspection!”

So I’d like to share my process for tenant move-in and move-out. Feel free to copy this and use it for yourself, or sound off in the comments if you think there’s something I’ve overlooked.

Process for Tenant Move-In

When They Sign The Lease:

1. Print two copies of the following documents:

  1. The lease
  2. The EPA’s Lead Warning Statement (if the house was built prior to 1978)

Also print one copy (per tenant) of the EPA’s pamphlet, “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home.”

2. Sit down with the tenant. Review the lease together. Explain anything that they don’t understand.

3. Have the tenant initial each page of the lease, and sign the last page. Repeat this in duplicate, so you each can keep a copy.

4. Give the tenant the EPA pamphlet.

5. Have the tenant sign two copies of the Lead Warning Statement. Have each party keep a copy.

6. Give the tenant a checklist for move-in procedures, which include:

– Getting renter’s insurance
– Putting the electricity and gas in their names.
– Forwarding their mail

7. Schedule a time to conduct move-in walk-thru. Inform the tenant that they will not be allowed to gain access to the unit until after they complete a walk-thru with the landlord / property manager.

On Move-In Day:

1. Print two copies of the move-in walk-thru form.

2. Conduct walk-thru with …read more