Timothy Real Estate has been selected by HEVA Group to represent their world-class projects. We believe that this important partnership will benefit our clients and the local community. HEVA’s overall experience is why there is so much attention to detail and the quality of the construction is so high. Cutting corners to save money is not the company’s mission statement; this sentiment is not even part of their understanding. HEVA Group and it’s family believe in building quality boutique-condominium homes in exceptional locations at an affordable price. Because of the high standards set by both HEVA and Timothy Real Estate Group this could not be a better fit.

As a result of this dynamic synergy we have some incredible opportunities coming your way! We will be releasing special pricing on V177 soon. V177 is an example of the quality workmanship you can expect from HEVA and a prime location for investing in rental properties for your Puerto Vallarta getaway.

This is just the first of more exclusive and exciting information we will be bringing you from one of the premiere builders in Puerto Vallarta. Wait until you see our next waterfront development in the coming weeks, HEVA’s next project V Conchas Chinas.