Real Estate

The voice in your head can be quite the jerk, can’t it?

Not to mention your parents might not be supportive, friends might be naysayers, and no one really thinks your idea to do that “real estate thing” is going to work.

Well shoot, I believe in you. But what really matters is what you tell yourself, so keep your head up slugger.

Just in case your self-deprecation kick is working it’s magic, lets add to the doubt and just make sure you’ve covered your bases if you’re really going to convince yourself you can’t hack it in real estate. Here’s the top two reasons you can’t make it in real estate investing.

#1) I don’t know anybody

Um, hi.

Me and about 140,000 of your other friends here at BiggerPockets want to get to know you. What’s your story? What made you interested in real estate? We’re all here with the same intention you are, and use social media, chat rooms, and forums to get to know what other investors are up to. If you’re scared to death of face to face interaction with actual human beings, then going online to stalk and or learn from their avatars is the next best option.

If you’re working the courage up to be in public, know that investors have a herd mentality. Their favorite watering hole tends to be REIA’s, (real estate investor association meetings for you absolute newbies out there.) The easiest way to start a conversation is the exact same questions mentioned above: What’s your story? What made you wanted to get started in real estate? (or something similar). It’s really easy for people to talk about themselves, so it’s a great opener.

Try these out and you’ll be popular in no time!

#2) I don’t have enough money …read more