Investing in Real Estate Gold mining

I write a lot of articles about goal setting and personal improvement.

I read a lot of books about how to succeed in life and how to improve yourself. Just about all those books say you shouldn’t watch a lot of TV, but I’m not perfect and I do anyway. I try to counteract the negative effects of watching too much television by writing articles on my IPhone while I watch TV and doing something productive. Many people think I’m crazy for writing this way, but I like it (although it may produce a few typos!) As far as television, I loved The Office and I was sad to see it go, but I still get my kicks out of reality shows like Gold Rush and I love football (Broncos).

When watching Gold Rush I came to realize that finding gold may seem glamorous, but in reality it’s risky and dangerous. I think when most of us think about gold mining we think of making it big, but compared to the money invested gold mining is not that great. I have to admit there is something alluring about mining for gold; I guess that would be because society puts such a mysterious and glorified tint to it. After watching Gold Rush for years now I have come to realize Real Estate is a much more lucrative and safe (physically and financially) investment than gold mining.

What is Gold Rush?

Gold Rush is a reality television show that details the lives of mining crews in Alaska as the crews mine for gold and try to strike it …read more