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What a beautiful time of the year it is heading into my favorite season, Fall. You walk outside and start to see signs of the weather changing, from the leaves on the trees to the crisp chill in the air. Fall and Spring here in the South are maybe the most-loved seasons due to the fact that they bring weather that’s pretty much perfect.

Mid-80’s is what we like down here — especially because our winters and summers are brutal months. When it’s hot, it’s hot, and when it’s cold, it’s cold, so we all enjoy seeing and feeling the warmth of Fall and Spring.

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Seeing Websites as Seasons

This leads me into this week’s post on my extended version of what pages our real estate websites must include if we want to dominate locally. Last week, I broke down some issues that were hurting almost all of the real estate websites out there online today.

Many people just don’t understand when setting up a website that you must include these vital avenues:

Optimized Titles
Keyword Density
Quality Content

These are the 4 elements that every website that wants to dominate any niche must equip itself with. All of these are the main things that you need if you want to position yourself in the search engines to gain those thousands of buyers and sellers who are searching for your services.

I can’t tell you how many websites lack half or all of these elements, and the only way they’re able to compete is because they are spending more money offline and hoping the viral effect starts to take place. What I’m trying to say concerning viral effects is that those websites are not getting any search traffic — so the owners of those sites must depend on other people to share the site.

A popular way of marketing your real estate business in this day and age is via social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All of these sites are great, but they can be horrible at converting visitors into leads because they’re not targeted. Unless you’re spending tons of money on advertising on those sites, your website will pretty much sit and die.

Here at the beginning, I talked about the seasonal changes going on outside, at least here in the South. Like I tell everyone, I’m just a simple guy from Louisianan — looking to change the world of real estate. I understand that there are a lot of people trying to make it in this industry, and most of them have websites. The way that those sites are constructed, though, there will be no way they would be able to dominate their online space.

So comparing real estate websites to seasons, I’m thinking that most of the websites that I come across and what most of you may have out there are those hot summers and cold winters-type sites. These sites just bad overall, but they can all be updated to fit into the search engine model.

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What I’m trying to do is create real estate websites that represent the awesome seasons of Fall and Spring. Much like these two beloved seasons, these sites look and feel great to the user and are universally favored. Search engines love them because they’re constructed correctly, and they are able to produce something remarkable. Yes, I’m referring to unlimited leads.

Adding Optional Pages

In last week’s blog post, I talked about adding the most obvious pages, such as the “about us,” “contact us” and “follow us” pages. These are the main pages every website should include, no matter the market.

Now, I firmly believe that if you want that cutting edge over the local competition that will allow you to gain even more leads, then your site must cater to all people. These will be the icing-on-the-cake type pages that you just can’t go without on your site.

You see, I make these “optional” for the reason that some of you reading are not real estate investors. Some of you are realtors, brokers, wholesalers, landscapers, etc.

I included these pages separately so that you can make the choice of what needs to be on your website for the people that you’re trying to reach. Here goes a list of pages that you can add that will blow the local competition out of the water.

“Icing on the Cake” Pages:
How to Stop Foreclosure
How to Fix My Credit
Your City + Current Events
Need a Plumber
Need Lawn Care Services
Foundation Issues
How to Save on Utilities
How to Sell My House Fast in “Your City”
We Buy Houses in “Your City”
Need a Realtor
“Your City” Best Title Companies
Learn How to Stage Your House
How to Sell Your Home FSBO
Rent to Own

I can talk about every one of these pages one by one, but to keep it simple, just choose the ones you feel that suit you the best. What I would do as a real estate investor is to create these pages on my site so that I can cater to all people.

I’m almost 100% sure that you haven’t seen one RE website that includes all of these pages. These pages are powerful tools that will educate my leads on every subject under the sun when it comes to buying and selling a piece of property.

Now that you know about the pages you can include, here comes the part that is a must – and more important than me going over each one of them. This is creating a page that is 100% SEO friendly right off the bat so that you can gain local website traffic — and leads.

Building the House

The only way to build a house is by having the right blueprints for the foundation. The foundation is obviously the website, but most importantly, if that site doesn’t include the right content and SEO work, then you’re just wasting your time and missing …read more