There are 10 individuals that comprise my core team here in Atlanta.

Of the 10, I’ve got a general manager who spends a lot of time in the field as well as a project manager who spends a TON of time in the field.

Regardless of what you call them, most real estate businesses have an individual(s) who spends a good portion of their time inspecting properties and/or interfacing with buyers, sellers, tenants, etc.

In our business, the project manager spends a good portion of his time screening new potential purchases and writing up detailed rehab estimates. On an average day, he will easily drive 100 miles around Metro Atlanta looking at properties we get under contract and managing rehabs currently underway.

With the enormous amount of competition in our market, it’s critical that we move quickly when trying to get properties under contract. As such, we’ve had to find tools and develop systems that enable us to make quick buying decisions throughout the course of each day. Here are 2 of the apps that we’ve adapted into our business that allow us analyze properties extremely efficiently:


I realize that most people know about Dropbox and probably wouldn’t consider this a “must-have” tool. However, in our business it’s been a phenomenal way to exchange real time information from the field to our office. Our project manager has the dropbox app installed on his iPhone. When he gets to a property, he immediately begins taking pictures of the neighborhood, the property and any potential problem areas or issues that may be deal breakers for us. These pictures are then instantaneously uploaded into a specific property folder within dropbox so that we have access to the pictures in our office within minutes and can evaluate the property ourselves. This functionality has enabled us to …read more