Customer Service

I was reviewing numbers this morning from my company’s year so far and one number really jumped off the page at me. For the first time in 18 straight months, we sold more houses to new investors with our company than to existing investors with our company. It was a small difference, but this was a number that we had always used to measure how good we were doing with helping existing clients with building out a portfolio.

How good were we doing with developing repeat clients?

So these types of numbers should always be measured and analyzed each month. It had taken us several years to develop the product, process and service levels to be able to expect our clients to be repeat buyers.

So with 18 straight months of having repeat sales outperform new sales, we knew there were bound to be months where it did not happen. The challenge for all of us is learning how to make repeat sales a priority and allowing those sales to be our growth catalyst. Here are two simple – but specific – steps you can follow to grow your business with sales to repeat clients.

Clean Up Your Marketing Message

First and foremost, I would suggest that you clearly define who you are and what product you are offering.

Are you a Realtor? Then offer the best and most up to date “inside knowledge” of your area and position your marketing to present you as the person with all the data and info. a buyer needs before they purchase.

Are you an investor who sells his properties to retail end buyers? Then market your properties as a step above any other property on the market with finishes …read more