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“Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth.” — Ludwig Borne

In many of my blogs, I have mentioned that I live by the numbers.

The daily grind is really about replicating and creating an environment to succeed. In my business, I keep in mind that my purposes should be greater than myself and that my team is the key component to sustainable growth. As discussed in the BiggerPockets Podcast, three important qualities define my character, and I look for them in each individual I choose to work with. The commitment necessary and the time devoted in the present truly builds our future. I feel that it is so important that each member of our company shares the same vision I am sharing with you today.

If we ever meet in person, I will straightforwardly tell you three things: I am honest, I am loyal and I am not greedy.

That’s it.

Some just brush this off as a sales tactic or just something I say. If you have learned anything about me, what I say is a direct correlation to who I am and what I do. It’s my passionate nature.

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Let’s explore my mantra a bit further.

3 Traits Necessary for Success in Business (and in Life)
1. Honesty

This is critical in life and in business. It’s even more critical in a close relationship, like that of a spouse or your business partner. The ability to discuss anything openly without feelings getting hurt will make or break the relationship. The underlying component here is trust, which is built over time — not just over a single phone call, meeting or cup of coffee.

Sometimes I am told that I am blunt, extreme or intense. It’s really just being honest and passionate about what I do. There is no way for our team to move in a positive direction without this attribute, and I wear this badge proudly. At times, you may not like what I tell you, but you’ll know that I don’t hold back, and I mean no offense.

It’s just the way I have to be.

2. Loyalty

Wow, is this huge or what?

Have you ever worked with someone who went behind your back and formed a relationship with one of your clients, only to discredit the relationship you had with them previously? This is a loyalty issue.

I have had salesmen try to take me away from their own colleague and get me to do business with them because they didn’t understand loyalty. My decision to move myself and my family to start our company in Toledo, Ohio was based on a loyalty that was formed over several years with my now business partner.

This really is the golden rule. If you’re honest with me and you demonstrate your loyalty, buy into our vision, and commit to the team, you have my loyalty in return. No question. If you violate that and go around to accomplish your own agenda, there is no coming back. This does not mean I will treat you any differently, but you will never again have my “all in.”

3. Not Greedy

The violation of loyalty that I just finished discussing is completely related to this green eyed monster.

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Greed has its place in movies and is a part of society, but can destroy a business and a brand. In my life thus far, I have not witnessed any one good thing come from greed. When you are chasing the dollar, even when you catch it, it will never be enough. When you are following a vision and stick with it even in the hard times, the financial benefit will always be more valuable.

Teams of people who have formed the greatest, most lucrative companies in the world didn’t do it for solely a buck. It was a much higher purpose. In the words of Ludwig Borne,“Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.”


In closing, I look for these three things in each person I choose to work with, and I’ve learned to identify them quite easily. One 15 minute conversation with some key questions (that you may never even know you’re answering), and I know if we should start building a deeper relationship.

As mentioned above, trust is built over time. So, too, is respect. This is not just respect on the surface for the sake of being kind; this is a mutual agreement in which we each value the other for what we know and add to the team. Also, we respect our shortfalls, what we don’t know and have no authority to provide opinion on. Trust and respect go hand in hand, assisting in placing a value on our time. If you truly respect someone, you will know that their time is valuable and will do everything possible to not waste it with trivial issues.

I hope you now have a more illuminated glimpse into the most important aspect of my business and life mentality. Thank you for reading and keeping the dream alive.

Have you ever been clouded by greed? Lost a friend because they were not loyal to your bond? What are the most important traits you look for in business partners?

Share your thoughts below!

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