Up a Notch

The real estate market may go through some peaks and some valleys, and certain marketing strategies may come and go, but some strategies for building a thriving real estate investing business are enduring, and will always be effective.

Here are 39 of my favorite timeless ideas for growing your real estate investment business to the next level. I challenge you to choose at least one of the following and commit to implementing it into your current business. These tactics will be as effective in 5 years as they are today, so check ‘em out!

Get Involved Online

  1. Build a presence on the web. Build a blog, build up a sweet BiggerPockets profile, tweet, or join a Facebook group.
  2. Start a forum on BiggerPockets and create a dialog on something that you are doing right now.
  3. Write guest articles for other blogs.
  4. Innovation and creativity is important to REIs. Browse the BiggerPockets Forum and see what new things people are talking about. See if there is any synergy with your business.

Build, Nourish, and Develop New Relationships

  1. Be everywhere. Start to check out other REIAs in your area. Find new places to share your business card.
  2. Join a mastermind group.
  3. Create an elevator pitch for each type of person you deal with in your industry. Have a pitch ready for buyers, sellers, investors, agents, bankers, etc.
  4. You build relationships by communicating. In this day in age, the easiest, cheapest, and universally accepted way to do this is through email. So, build an email list of every one you do deals with. Commit to contacting them in bulk via a newsletter, or just simple questions to engage conversation.
  5. Directly call people that you haven’t seen or talked to in …read more