Mobile Home Investing

Personally speaking, I believe that clarity is immensely underrated in today’s world.

Without clarity we find ourselves drifting through life, love, and business unclear about our next moves. Even worse we move forward with false ideas or misunderstood directions that may cause us to fall and stumble in confusion and costly errors. Clarity in any new business venture can likely be discussed for hours and hours concerning the ins-and-outs of every particular step of the business in which you begin.

This article comprises a quick list of 5 reasons why some investors may wish to steer clear of investing in mobile homes for profit. As a mobile home investor for the past 11 years I have come to understand both the positives and negatives of the manufactured home investing business. Below are some negatives.

1.) You Will Very Likely be Made Fun of at Times

When the money starts coming in you will be the one laughing and considered smart. Until then, however, many of your so-called friends and even family members will question and even laugh at your notion of starting down this road.

Mobile homes obviously have a reputation of being less valuable than traditional site built homes, and in many respects they are. To many unseasoned folks this translates as mobile homes being less profitable and therefore less worthy of our respect.

In reality however mobile homes, mobile home buyers, and mobile home sellers are just a worthy, kind, honest, wonderful, and deserving of our time and respect as anyone else.

2.) You Will Be Required to Talk Face to Face With People

Mobile homes require that you speak directly with sellers and buyers.

More than a real estate business mobile home investing is a people business. If you would rather work deals with a Realtor and/or simply stay behinds the scenes this business is likely …read more