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If you are a landlord, I am sure you would agree that vacancies in your unit can KILL you! It can kill your cash flow and kill your profits.

For this week’s blog post, I have shot an 8 minute video where I share five tips to fill your vacancies. This is a “hot” topic for me and my team right now. We have some buildings that have vacancy, and we are working hard to find creative ways to fill them even if it is the “holiday season.”

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We hope you watch this video and learn something! Better yet, I hope you learn something and implement one new idea! Like all landlords, we don’t know EVERYTHING! I would love to hear in the comments section any other “tips” that work well for you to fill vacancies, especially during the holiday season!

Thanks for watching this video!

Landlords: What do you think? What are your most clever tips to fill tenant vacancies?

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