Create a Facebook Page

Facebook will be an essential marketing and branding leg for your outreach.

Whatever qualms you may have about social media, it’s nearly impossible to grow your voice online without embracing Facebook. In my last post I discussed Expanding Your Real Estate Business With Social Media: Step 1. In this post, we’ll go through these 5 simple steps to teach you to create a Facebook page for your business and monitor it for social success.

1) Choose How You Want to be Classified on Facebook

Start off by going to this link:

You’ll see tabs there requesting you to pick how you’d like to be classified, including: Local Business/Place, Artist, Company, Entertainment, Brand/product, Cause/Community.

If you’re selling an online real estate investing product, you could choose Product, or Community. If you’re a local brokerage, you could choose Business, or Company.

If you pick one and decide you’d like features of another, you can change it later. But once you type in the company name and category, those cannot be changed. So do take care in typing in the name you choose, otherwise you’ll be recreating the entire page.

2) Fill in Basic Info

Upload Photo – you’ll see a prompt to upload a main photo for your page. Just like your personal profile picture, this is the one that will show up for your posts and news feed. I’d advise using your company logo, and resisting the urge to change the picture often. You want to have people begin to recognize your logo and want to engage with you.

The photo should be 180