Apartments can be difficult spaces to decorate. Someone else owns the space, so certain décor basics may not be allowed, such as painting, and some units may be on the small side. And what fills the space must be balanced or delicate; no one wants to worry about how to lug an expensive, heavy piece of furniture up three flights of stairs.

If you’ve ever moved into an apartment only to discover you don’t know how to make it your own, worry no more: you’ll find interior design inspiration that will suit your needs in this article published in

decorating your new apartment space

It is one thing trying to decorate your own new home and a whole different ball game when you are trying to move into an apartment you rented and wish to alter it to suit your personal style and needs. There are many constraints that will dictate terms to the way you can move forward and decorate your new apartment.

It is often a walk on the fine line that separates what you are allowed to alter and what you would like to alter. The art is in understanding how you can push that line a bit beyond the acceptable limits without inviting serious repercussions. So, are you set to start decorating your new apartment space? Here are a few tips.

decorating your new apartment space

Check with your landlord and change stuff that is acceptable

Never alter something beyond the point of ‘no return’- this is the simplest principle and the most important rule that you need to keep in mind before getting started with your apartment decoration. Obtain the required permission from your landlord and proceed accordingly. Most often, it is safe to assume that you will not be allowed to drill extra holes, throw away existing stuff and paint the home beyond recognition.

Sync with the existing apartment look

If you can’t change the style, then go with it and enhance it by adding your own unique perspective. If you can re-paint or use wallpaper to alter the walls, then it will allow you to be more creative. If not, then you need not worry too much as most apartments use light shades and hence most of your existing furniture will go well with it.

decorating your new apartment space

Unique accessories add life

No one can stop you from putting up cool looking vases, artwork that will steal the show and photographs that will turn the bland walls into living companions that bring back old memories. Hence feel free to go to the nearest store and accessorize the way you see fit. There is always room or stuff like wicker baskets and candles that add to the warm and friendly look.

Lighting patterns and removable fittings

Some parts of the apartment that exist – lamps or lampshades for example, can be replaced using stuff that you like. You can create your own lighting pattern for the room as it helps you add a new look to your apartment. Lighting is an essential aspect that can completely alter the look of an existing space. Modern lighting options are so vast that you can always find something really beautiful in a pattern you love.

Put up movable and temporary partitions

You cannot alter the existing walls in the house, but you can create your own new ones by putting up temporary walls in the apartment. These are easy to find, simple to put up and will not damage the the structure in any way. Once you wish to move, carrying them with you will be convenient and easy. By doing this you can add a new room and create a new look that you want.

decorating your new apartment space

Store everything you removed carefully

This might sound silly, but if you forget to store all the things you removed to put up your own fittings, then on the day you move, you will be forced to reach deep into your pocket to pay cash for no reason. Never throw away anything you change and always replace them when you intend to move on.

Turning an apartment into your home is not as difficult as it might appear and is not as trouble-ridden as many will have you believe. With modern urban life and its demanding needs along with the premium that space is becoming in today’s world, apartments are home to millions across the globe.


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