I was asked this week by an investor what my week looks like.

He wanted to know what did I do each day as a way to maybe emulate and learn. That was a pretty humbling question for me.

Truth is, much of my week is the same as most other real estate investors with the exception that I also help run a $50 million company whose stated mission is to help as many real estate investors as possible. I figured an article on the habits that help make successful real estate investors would be a great way to answer that question.

These are things that I not only try to do each week (if not daily), they are also the same things that really good investors in other parts of the country and in other real estate disciplines do as well. Believe me, it is not rocket science. If you will build time into your week to do these six very basic habits, you will look up 52 weeks from now and find yourself in a very different place.

1. Education, Education, Education

I am a big fan of reading and educating myself. If you have spent anytime reading my articles on or blogs at my website, you know that sharing book lists and suggested reading could be considered a part-time hobby of mine. I firmly believe that I need to be educating myself constantly.

The rules of the real estate game are changing constantly and there are people who share their information and data constantly. Many of those people are smarter than me and I have no problem admitting that. However, that does not mean that I cannot be a sponge and soak up as much of their knowledge as possible. I think …read more