Tony Robbins Investing

I’m not really the world’s biggest Tony Robbins fan.

Love him or hate him – it’s undeniable that he’s had an enormous impact on millions of people having sold over 30 million motivational tapes, published at least three best sellers and done tens of thousands of seminars.

For me, I’m more of a Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale kind of self-help guy.

But my acquisition manager Bill Roberts is what you would call a Tony Robbins FANATIC. In just a few weeks, he and his bride are driving to some hotel in New Jersey for a weekend seminar to see the seven foot tall giant with the flashy smile live – then take a stroll on some hot coals.

Bill’s been talking about it for weeks now…listening to his “Personal Power” tapes over and over again in the office and generally getting all “Robbinsed-out” in preparation for the big event.

And I have to admit – working with Bill side by side over the past couple of months – the whole Tony Robbins thing has started to rub off on me a little bit too.

I can’t say I’m going to be driving 400 miles anytime soon to walk on perfectly good charcoals that would be better utilized to grill a nice rib eye…but I have come to really respect his message and what he’s all about.

What I respect most though, is the obvious effect the Robbins message has had on Bill. I’m talking about tangible effects he actually puts this stuff into action. Most people never even take the cellophane off the box – but not Bill.

And I can’t help but get motivated by it as well…

Bill has been the driving force behind our house flip business achieving a whole new level of success – and now that I’ve been force-fed …read more