Sell House Fast

I just realized this week that we had sold a property in Taunton, Mass – but I hadn’t told everyone on my team.

As they say, the key to success in business is good, honest and open communication…I guess I should follow that one more closely!

I actually felt really bad because I get so wrapped up in acquiring properties to keep the deal flow going, I sometimes forget to tell everyone when all our hard work finally pays off!

So to my acquisition manager John Fossetti…this is a public apology!

When you get an offer accepted on a flip, it is one of the most satisfying parts of my job – and oddly enough, the selling part is one of the easiest parts of the entire house flipping process! This is true just as long as you have stuck to all the house flipping rules and have fully leveraged the collective expertise of your house flipping team.

So what are the shortcuts to selling a property in record time?

As long as you keep to the seven principles here, you’ll find that selling is the simplest and most logical endpoint of the entire house flip process and they’ll help to keep you well into the black in every deal you do.

Seven Steps to Selling Properties

1. Nail Your ARV

This number is the most important number in the entire house flipping process. As you may recall, ARV is short for After Repair Value – or what you will sell the property for once it is all fixed up and ready for sale. In fact, all of your house flipping 5th grade math flows from this number. Here is a brief summary of how it works using …read more