I really didn’t feel like going that night.

It was a little after five o’clock on a Thursday night of what had become a very long week and I was tired. Dead tired, in fact.

After all, I had already been to two other networking events that week and I was feeling pretty burned out.

Plus my two daughters were heading back to school soon and I just felt like going home, grabbing a quick dinner with the family and then collapsing on the couch and watching some brainless TV with my girls.

Just then, my acquisition manager Bill bounded into my office and blurted out: “You ready to go?”

I looked up and replied, “Be right there” and started packing up my laptop to head to the REIA meeting across town.

Although going to a REIA meeting was the last thing I really wanted to do that night, I was so glad I did.

Besieged at a REIA

When we arrived, we were barely five steps into the room when I was besieged by no less than five people – some whom I knew and some I didn’t – all with the same basic questions:

“How the heck are you guys finding all these properties right now? I’m looking in the same places you are but can’t find a single house to flip!”

With eight properties under agreement and dozens more in the pipeline, the word in the local real estate circles had traveled fast.

We were doing things other people weren’t doing – and word was getting around. I glanced at Bill with a sly smile of pride and started answering their questions as to just what we’ve been doing.

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