Tenant Landlord

Just for fun, I polled some of my friends about what they, as tenants, would love to say to their landlord’s face. I told them to be brash and forthright.

Here are their replies … 7 things your tenants would love to tell you:

1. Just because I’m a day late on my rent doesn’t mean I’m not going to pay it. Asking politely is one thing. Turning into a ruthless mob like character if your rent check is a day late is another thing entirely. Calm the heck down … you’ll get your money!

2. Telling me that you’ll have someone over soon to fix the A/C is nice, but actually sending someone over would be better. Tenants know all too well that when the landlord says they’ll send someone over, that means “I’ll get to it when I get to it.”

3. It would be great if you answered the phone. It’s amazing how if the rent check is a moment late you can’t get away from your landlord, but if you actually need something from them, you can never get a hold of them.

4. Even though I live in your property I am still a human being. Please don’t treat me like a child, and please don’t begin our interaction with the assumption that I’m going to trash the place. I haven’t done anything wrong (yet.)

5. Those outlandish rules included in the lease were ridiculous. I can only use the shower during certain times of the day? I’m not allowed to light candles inside the home? Yeah … those rules are ridiculous.

6. My pets aren’t going to destroy your home. I have two small harmless cats that, I promise, will not piss all over your carpet or scratch up your trim.

7. It’s not my responsibility to do maintenance on your home. …read more