Real Estate Vs Stocks

Recently there was an article on BiggerPockets about why you shouldn’t invest in Real Estate. I happen to love Real Estate; I love selling Real Estate as a broker, I love looking at Real Estate and I especially love investing in Real Estate.

Why Do I Invest in Real Estate?

I did not come to invest in Real Estate by chance, I took a lot of time researching every investment option I could.

Before I started investing in Real Estate I had some money in the stock market, but I never felt good about my investment. If the market went up, my accounts went up and likewise if the Market went down so did my investment. I had no control over the investment and the individual stocks I picked tended to be affected by market conditions that had nothing to do with the stock itself.

I invested in mutual funds, which did okay but also seemed to basically follow the market. I even dabbled in stock options to try to increase my returns. Options were a great way to lose a lot of money very quickly!

I was pretty young at this time in my life and I really wanted to grow my money into something big. The stock market did not seem to be getting me to where I wanted to go. I did a lot of research on other investment vehicles that would multiply my money. I looked different ways to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, bonds and I even looked starting my own business or buying a franchise.

I realized a couple of things while doing this research on investment options. The first think I realized was …read more