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Last week the topic at hand was the top 55 business listing sites for maximum online referrals. These are the top 55 profiles/citations websites that you need to start with to get some form of a local online presence.

What you need to realize is that I’m not saying you can’t still be successful in real estate without any online presence at all. Heck, you don’t even have to have a website to gain success in your local real estate market. All you have to do is stay consistent and use the old school ways of marketing, and over time, you should start gaining leads.

The truth is that many real estate investors prefer this form of marketing — from driving the neighborhoods to sending out direct mail. It gives them a more hands on feel that they’re doing something in the local market and not waiting on leads to come to them.

With all that being said, what I’ve learned over 15 years of doing online and offline marketing is that it’s more rewarding and less expensive to have potential clients chase me versus me having to hunt them down. As a real estate person who has the tools, resources and stats that shows thousands of people are searching for property to buy and sell online, why would I try to cold call homeowners when I can just place myself online in front of them?

What it comes down to is a creative way of thinking that is smarter than the next investor, which in the long run will cost you less and also bring more potential clients to the table. The goal is to work smarter in growing your RE business, not harder.

Spreading the Word

It’s been some time now since I released my first post here on BiggerPockets, “The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing: 10 Tools to Generate Unlimited Leads.” Between then and now, I’ve covered a lot of local marketing subjects that we need in order to be successful in real estate — everything from having the foundation of an awesome, well-done website to now building your online presence.

We still haven’t scratched the surface of everything we could cover when it comes to marketing your business, but today, let’s really kicks things into high gear. What we need to do now is to promote those 55 business listings that we have set up. Now, the reason for this is to notify the search engines that we have a new profile online, so please come take a look at it.

Once they take a look at it, they will then decide where to rank it online. If you followed my lead last week when I talked about staying consistent and having all of your content the same on all 55 business listings, then the search engines will have to issue all of your listings good local rankings.

But wait: At this point, we are not worried too much about any rankings in the search engines. We just need to complete the 55 business listings, and start promoting them massively.

One of the reasons to promote your business listings is to allow people to read more about who you are and what you have to offer. Plus, you’ll ideally want those landing on your site to leave powerful positive reviews, which will immediately snowball your online presence to the top.

When you promote your business listings, you give the visitor the chance to leave a review about your business, which tells the search engine that you have a presence online. Most real estate companies have no idea that this is a factor in getting more leads online. It doesn’t matter how awesome your Google Places, Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter profiles are. If no one is leaving reviews on those platforms that can be picked up by the search engines, then you fall behind.

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Reviews are the key to success of the online business listings that you’ve setup. But today, it’s all about promoting your profiles so that we can start building more of an online presence. Simply creating your profiles isn’t enough; we now need to tell the world about what we created.

Putting it All Together

What you need to do after you’ve created all of the 55 business listings is to create a simple page on your website that will list all of these profiles. That way, you will have one source that will enumerate the growing number of business listings as you continue to add more.

There are thousands of these profile business listings out there, but I’ve only given you 55 of the top ones. So, as you continue to sign up up for more, you should take a moment to add them to the page you’ve created to list these on your website.

What you’re trying to do is build a database of hundreds of business listings so that you can be found everywhere online. If you choose the right keywords to be searched for and keep all of your content consistent, you will start showing up in tons of places online.

Now if someone Googles “Shreveport Real Estate for Sale,” they may come across one of the hundreds of listings that are now on the front page of that search. Meaning, even if the title of that business listing is “123 Real Estate Investments of Shreveport,” you should have used certain keywords in your descriptions and tags so that you will still show up in the search engines even if your title doesn’t necessary include those keywords.

Some people think that you need to have your keyword in the title of the business listing, which is not true. All you need to have is a great description with keyword tags that will still be picked up by the search engines. These are powerful due the fact that now we can still brand our company name, but also have …read more