A lot of people looking for a new place to live end up many times trawling around too many properties,  wasting lots of time and getting no results -especially in competitive markets-.

In Singapore, the popularity or charm of speed dating has led to a new offspring: Property Speed dating. Househunting made a lot easier by getting together in the same place 200 property owners and property hunters looking for their ‘perfect match’.

Gumtree, one of the leading classifieds websites in Singapore, hosted the first ever property speed-dating event. Here’s their experience:

Property Speed dating in Singapore

Property Speed dating in Singapore

Many ‘singletons’ are familiar with the concept of speed dating—an organised event where groups of unmarried men and women interview one another for a brief period of time. Each encounter lasts no more than a few minutes, at which point a buzzer sounds, indicating it’s time to move on to the next potential mate. At the end of the evening, it’s hoped that each participant will have met – if not their soul mate—at least one person interesting enough to arrange another, more traditional date.

New to the Singapore scene is property speed dating, for renters and landlords looking for a similar kismet.

In August of 2012, Gumtree, one of the leading classifieds websites in Singapore, hosted the first ever property speed-dating event in Singapore, which attracted over 200 property owners and property hunters looking for their ‘perfect match’.

Lovebirds aside, this event created a fun and relaxed environment for property owners to meet with potential tenants over a nice meal, exciting games and a lucky draw.

The participants who came for the event were all advertisers who had previously posted a free ad on the Gumtree classifieds website. Upon arrival, everyone was given a colour-coded nametag that categorized them as either property hunters or owners.

To break the ice, Gumtree hired an emcee to play some matchmaking games where property hunters and owners tried to answer questions about each other for a chance to win prizes. This helped lighten the atmosphere and made people more willing to approach potential targets. As speed dating and property speed dating events are typically a more Western experience, Gumtree knew that, in general, Asians can be shy (although there were many Western expats in the midst) so the ice breaker was important for a successful outcome.

Gumtree also catered for a free buffet lunch so that people could eat and talk casually during the mingling session. The emcee along with a video crew (with live feed to a projector and large screen) wandered through the crowd and interviewed participants so they could promote their properties or themselves as potential tenants.

Property owners also had access to the several computer booths and 10 roving iPads so that they could show off their online listings as well.

The event ended with a lucky draw but guests were welcome to stay to continue mingling over drinks, coffee and dessert.

Gumtree Singapore organised the event to celebrate the launch of the Website’s new interface and a new property section. The website is currently one of the leading classifieds sites in Singapore with more than 180,000 live listings, over 600,000 unique visitors and over 10 million page views per month.

“We’re delighted that Singapore’s first ever Property Speed-Dating Event, organised by Gumtree, was so well received. It was a great turnout with lots of lively discussions between property owners and flat or room hunters. I’m sure they all went home with great leads and will be connecting to close deals,” said Frances Chiu, General Manager of eBay Classifieds Group APAC. “We will continue to roll out exciting promotions and unique events for Gumtree users.”

Source: Propertylife


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