The international hit television show House Hunters International returned to Puerto Vallarta for another episode on air soon. They did a great job at showing how beautiful Puerto Vallarta is and it’s a great place to buy properties. Our Agent, Taniel Chemsian starred both episodes and in this interview talks about the whole experience.

1. What has been the response from the first episode you did?

We’ve had a tremendous response from our first episode.  I am amazed at the number of people that have seen the show and have mentioned that they enjoyed seeing Puerto Vallarta in such a positive light. Just the other day a lady walked into our office looking for me. Her eyes were gleaming with pride as she described how happy she felt seeing her most beloved Puerto Vallarta on one of her favorite television shows.  It is great having this kind of positive feedback

2.  How did the second episode come about?

Right after we wrapped up filming in January on the first episode, one of the producers called me up to see how everything went.  She then went on to say the director thought this was one of the best House Hunters International shoots he’s ever worked on and that they would like for me to do a second episode.

3.  What were your client’s responses when you asked if they wanted to participate in the program?

I think they were in shock at first.  It’s not often someone calls you and asks “Hey, do you want to be on an international hit television show?” I think they thought I was joking.  But, after a few phone conversations with the buyers, explaining to them the process and time commitment, they were on board.  Just as with our first episode, the buyers needed to audition first. Once they were accepted, we were off and running.

4.  Did your Buyers enjoy the experience?

They had a wonderful time.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not all fun and games. They put in a lot of long hours and prep work before, and during the filming (Not to mention figuring out their wardrobe).  They got better and better as the days went on.  They were real pros and enjoyed the experience until the end.  They may want to purchase another property just to be in the show again ;-).

5.  Did they end up with the property they wanted?

They absolutely made the perfect choice for themselves.  Their chosen property reflects their personality, tastes and lifestyle.  You know how they say a pet sometimes looks like its owner? Well, in real estate terms, a property is a reflection of the owner.  Their style, personality and energy radiates throughout their beautiful home. They couldn’t be any happier.

6.  Did you have your Buyers pre-qualified with a lender?

The vast majority of real estate transactions in Puerto Vallarta are cash sales. This is not to say that there aren’t loans available, but considering most buyers are baby boomers, they tend to purchase with 100% cash upfront.  If a client is looking at getting a loan, it’s very important to get them qualified first, whether it be in the states or in Mexico.  Once they know where they stand financially, the fun journey of looking at some amazing properties can get going.

In the case of the buyers for this episode, they did not require a loan.

7.  Were you able to film any parts of Puerto Vallarta’s great destinations and lifestyle in the show?

We were fortunate to have local businesses open up their doors to us so we could promote their business and show the rest of the world the rich and vibrant businesses that exist in Puerto Vallarta.  We also filmed different destinations with this episode not seen in the prior show. However, we don’t know how the editors will splice the show together. We have to wait until it airs to see what made the final cut.

8.  Are you going to do another episode?

Let me take a breather first before answering that question.  Yes.

9.  What part of the experience did you enjoy most?

Good question. You know, there are no two real estate transactions alike. Each sale generally has a different set of buyers, requirements, documentation, conditions and challenges. When you are able to focus and successfully complete the job at hand, it makes it all worth it.

We had our own set of challenges throughout the shoot, such as dealing with unpredictable weather, changing locations, moving schedules around, orchestrating and organizing a variety conditions.  With the incredible help of our core support team, which included Timothy Real Estate Group’s Carl Timothy, we were able to overcome these challenges and successfully finish filming what I feel is going to be a great episode. That to me was the most enjoyable experience, everyone working as a team for the team. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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