Buying Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

Buying Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta




My partner and I just recently bought a condo in Puerto Vallarta and couldn’t have done it without the enthusiastic, creative and personal support of Jay Burchell, from Timothy Real Estate. It wasn’t an easy process because of a million variables that had to be worked out, but Jay made it all happen.

We decided to move to Mexico after a relatively short visit to Puerto Vallarta, and a very nice person who we had just met, introduced us to Jay. Before anything could happen we would have to sell our condo in San Francisco and then explore possibilities here, so everything was a long way off. I’m sure there are way too many folks who claim they will buy a vacation home here after having had a great time, then life gets in the way and it’s over…Through the year it took to get back here, Jay wrote and even called to check on our progress and cheer us on. He never thought that we might be wasting his time, by possibly changing our minds.

We were shown lots of properties and given some realistic options to consider…and Jay was extremely generous with helping us just figure out the millions of hoops to jump though in relocating to another country. He provided us not only with helping us make this purchase, getting all our papers in order to live here, and even dynamic and interesting design ideas for our new condo.

We would happily recommend Jay to work with for buying or selling a home because he’s a generous and knowledgeable Realtor who you can trust.


Sheila Cohen

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