Another Reason to Consult Your Local Real Estate Agent

I was watching TV the other night and I tuned into ABC’s THE LOOKOUT, on their debut night. The topic was about how many people use and book their travel arrangements through discount travel websites. The issues were are you REALLY going to get what is advertised and does it look like the advertised photos? The show then brought in a “hotel tell-all” company that went in and took photos of all the “misrepresentations” the family experienced. The show was based in Puerto Vallarta…

I have a much better solution to what could happen with the misrepresentaion issues. Call a local real estate agent! We as locals know the different hotels, restaurants and particularly and most importantly, the condominiums and villas advertised in and on the websites. Perhaps the website forgot to mention there was a hurricane recently? “Close to the beach” is actually 2 kilometers away? You might experience,¨What you do mean, the restaurant where I get my included meals is closed for remodeling or forever?¨ You thought you were getting a great deal on the website, but you may be instore for many dissapointments and/or frustrations.

A good real estate agent keeps on their toes knowing which condominium or home is best suited for you. The location, amenities, restaurants, number of “bedrooms” and baths, pool (or not) are all things we know as part of our job. We learn that some “renters are buyers”, so besides being proud to share our knowledge of our beloved city, we hope for repeat business and perhaps a sale in the future. Give it a shot. Timothy Real Estate is at your service.

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