Follow Your Passion

As my youngest son was heading off to Los Angeles to follow his dream in filmmaking and I was attending the Equity University Networking Conference and the BiggerPockets Meet Up in Orlando, it dawned on me that we were both doing the same thing… following our Passions. Although his passion is writing and directing, he knows he has to head to where it’s all happening if he expects to make something happen in his life. He knows it will take more than just being passionate about film; he has to find his own voice. I see my son as being very fortunate because he knew at very early age exactly what he wanted to do in life.

For me, it wasn’t so easy, and I didn’t discover my voice or passion until much later in my life. Because I had a modest upbringing, I’ve always had a strong desire to be wealthy and successful. But, like many people, I was in survival mode. It seemed that my passion was to get educated and find a way to make money. It was around the time I hit 42 that I first retired and became financially free. That’s when my passion started to shift from figuring it out myself to showing others.

Finding the Freedom to Pursue Your Passions

I’ve discovered that my greater passion in life is to show others how to have freedom of their time, which to me is probably the greatest gift out there. After all, we cannot buy time, but we can use our money to work for us so we have more time to follow our passions. I believe that to have complete freedom of time, one must first attain financial freedom. This means that you would have more cash flowing assets than expenses and …read more