The best places to look at the stars: Jalisco.

San Sebastian del Oeste

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  San Sebastian del Oeste, a small town in Jalisco high up in the sierra, has one of the most transparent atmospheres in the country. From the Cerro de la Bufa, crossing the area of Real de los Reyes, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Banderas Bay and the Maria Islands, where, looking at the horizon, the sky blends with the blue Pacific Ocean. At night, the sky lights up with hundreds of stars, which can almost be reached by just stretching out your arms.

Things to do…

  If you like sports or you simply enjoy admiring the scenery around the Sierra Madre, you can go mountain biking, horseback riding, or riding on a mule. San Sebastian is a perfect place for bird lovers, as a great diversity of species dwell among its pine and oak forests. It is not difficult to see warblers, owls, home Mexican flycatchers, beautiful black-faced magpies, macaws and hawks among many other species.

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Where to stay…

  San Sebastian is a town full of shops and elegant cabins, haciendas and restaurants. You can resort to staying at the La Galerita de Sebastian Hotel, Hotel de la Puente or hacienda Matel to name a few. In the town of Mascota, you will find the Meson de Santa Elena, at # 155 Hidalgo street, in Mascota’s Historic Center.

How to get there…

  San Sebastian del Oeste is located 37 miles to the west of Puerto Vallarta on Federal Highway number 70 to Guadalajara. From Puerto Vallarta drive to Costco and turn right at Las Juntas. Follow the sign that Las Palmas. At Las Palmas you will then follow the sign that says Mascota. The next small town will be La Estancias and at the towns second intersection you will see a siagn that says San Sebastian del Oeste. Turn left and in 15 minutes you will be pulling into the charming town of San Sebastian del Oeste.

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