BiggerPockets Works

BiggerPockets is the best resource online for start up real estate investors – it works. New investors can learn through the articles on the Blog, and by asking questions and communicating with experienced players on the forums. It’s incredible the value that is here indeed!

Today I have a treat for you. Two days ago I received an email from a fellow BPer named William. He is a new investor who has benefited from all that BP has to offer. I received his permission to share the contents of his email with you, because I think that his experiences in his own words should serve as a heck of a learning opportunity for you guys, as well as a great motivation – if he can do it, so can you! Read this carefully; there are a lot of nuggets of valuable information in Williams account of his experiences:

BEGINNING OF EMAIL (I’ve done very minor editing to this)……….

My First Deal!


I added you on LinkedIn a month or so ago and told you I was working on my first deal and you wanted to know the details. So sure enough, I wanted to give a shout out to you (most of all) and BiggerPockets for helping me with the knowledge to close my first deal. It was not easy (at all) and was drama filled. There were more hoops to jump through than a circus act and I just felt like I had to share with you.

Forgive me for the length, this got crazy long but it’s the full story of the saga of my first real estate deal.

A little background to my situation for reference, I’m a recent college graduate (May 2012) lucky …read more