In choosing how they would like to age boomers are changing the future of housing and Real Estate.  Boomers want to be a part of a community and share common interests and values with the people around them.  They have a desire to stay active, learn, and have fun for as long as possible.  There are several different housing options that draw in today’s baby boomers.

-Niche Communities-

Niche Communities allow you to live with others who share similar interests and lifestyles.  These communities range from RV parks to communities that offer meals, social activates and medical care.  Today’s niche communities are varied to offer something for everyone and are geared to healthy active  adults. They also offer rental options.


Cohousing communities are a communal type housing arrangement.  Residents enjoy separate, fully equipped attached or clustered homes with shared common areas.  The group may buy the property and manage it independently.  One of the benefits of this type of community is the opportunity to develop close relationships with the people around you.

-Green House-

Green housing is the new conventional nursing home.  It operates like a cozy house where residents live together and get individualized care.  Residents have private bedrooms and baths and outdoor access and make their own decisions, like when living on their own. These are usually small communities with around 10 people.

-The Village Model-

The village model allows people to stay in their own home or apartment and receive vetted services and social engagement opportunities.  Village members can call for help of any kind…going to the store, doctor or even requesting a dog walker.   Villages offer residents convenience, independence and the opportunity to socialize.


More older Americans are moving to cities and smaller towns rather than being tied down with a home and its upkeep.  They want the convenience of being within walking distance to shops, entertainment, restaurants  and social activities, and support of available resources and community.  It looks like boomers will have options.   Maybe there are some ideas for Puerto Vallarta investors and developers.

Boomers could be shaping the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market

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