Kenny Estes

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we want to share an interview with someone who runs his investment business in a unique but powerful way – and it’s sure to both inform and entertain you. On today’s episode, we sit down with real estate investor Kenny Estes and chat about investing in rural America, funding deals through private money, building a team, and “going big” with a bold exit strategy. Join us today for a really awesome interview and one of the highest caliber conversations we’ve ever had (and one of the largest debates as well!)

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In This Show, We Cover

  • How Kenny started investing at 18 years old – while still in college.
  • The early mistakes that Kenny is still digging out from
  • The “Cab Driver Metric” in Real Estate Investing
  • Why “no money down” is dangerous
  • How to “stress test” a real estate deal
  • How Kenny found his initial private investors
  • The debate between “Invest Yourself” or “Invest with Others”
  • Kenny’s real estate team – and how he built it
  • Finding and dealing with contractors
  • Kenny’s “boldexit strategy plan

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Books Mentioned in the Show

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Investing in Real Estate – Gary Eldred
On China – Kissinger

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