On today’s show, we want to introduce you to a relatively new investor who is building a really awesome wholesaling business through the use of smart marketing, savvy business skills, and persistence. Lamar Cannon, from the Austin, TX area, shares with us his story of how he got started with wholesaling and uses the sales skills from his previous job to close more deals. No matter what kind of investor you are, Lamar’s story is going to inspire you, motivate you, and help take your own business to a new level.

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In This Show, We Cover

  • Lamar’s first “accidental deal
  • Negotiating directly with a bank
  • How to avoid jumping from shiny object to shiny object
  • Finding cash buyers
  • Dealing with bad neighborhoods
  • The right way to answer phone calls as a wholesaler
  • How to determine your wholesaling “law of averages
  • Tips for wholesaling with no money
  • Plus a lot more!

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Books Mentioned in the Show

The Book on Flipping Houses by J Scott
The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs by J Scott
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Good to Great by Jim Collins
Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

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