Travis Daggett

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we want to dive into some really great buying strategies for picking up properties for the best deals. Our guest today, Travis Daggett, leads us into some really interesting and high level techniques that any investor, new or seasoned, can immediately apply to their own business. From buying HUD properties to bidding at the Courthouse steps – this show is chalked full of actionable advice. Although Travis is primarily a wholesaler, his story and knowledge on buying great deals can help any house flipper, buy and hold investor, wholesaler, or any other real estate investor. Definitely don’t miss this show.

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In This Show, We Cover

  • The “failed” early experiences that helped define Travis’ future investing
  • How Travis made 5 figures on his first wholesale deal
  • The benefits (and downsides) of buying a HUD house
  • How to “shotgun” offers on real estate deals
  • Strategies for bidding on the “courthouse steps”
  • Travis’ story of when flipping didn’t work out
  • Tips for being more productive and getting more done in less time
  • Creative ways to attract private money

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