Shaun Reilly

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with real estate investor Shaun Reilly to talk about a wide range of topics – from getting started while living in an expensive area to wholesaling, putting in offers, flipping houses, buy and hold, and a lot more.

This interview was a ton of fun to do and there are so many great nuggets of information that anyone who listens will walk out with skills they can apply to their real estate investing business.

Listen to the Podcast Here

In This Show, We Cover:

  • How to start investing when properties are super expensive
  • The benefits and pitfalls of investing in condos
  • How Shaun got his first successful flip from a failed wholesale deal
  • Investing in real estate with a credit card
  • Shaun’s direct mail campaign – and how he got the list for free
  • Tips on working with real estate agents
  • Offering on HUD Properties
  • Offering on hundreds of properties to see what sticks
  • The mistakes Shaun has made in his real estate investing
  • The craziest property anyone on our show has ever purchased
  • And more!

Links From the Show:

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Books Mentioned in the Show:

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