Jon Klaus

On today’s special Thanksgiving Day show, we sit down with one of BiggerPockets’ most active members and biggest success stories, Jon Klaus.

Jon has flipped homes, built new properties, rented homes, and done a huge variety of other activities in the real estate space. Not only is Jon an incredibly nice guy, he’s also one of the smartest investors you’ll ever hear from.

Don’t miss a second of this powerful show, where we cover everything from marketing for killer good deals outside of the MLS, arranging financing for your deals, getting started with no money, and even a step by step journey through a six-figure spec build.

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In This Show We Cover

  • How Jon got started…using lawn mowing money
  • Mistakes Jon has made involving War Zones
  • The 7,000 sq ft house flip
  • The 2% Rule – what it is, when to use it
  • When to change your strategy
  • The secret for beating other investors with great deals
  • How to market for incredible deals
  • How a single trees can cost you over $200,000
  • A step by step guide for spec building
  • The four elements needed for a successful spec house

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