Amanda Han

In today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we are going to talk about something you may think is a bit boring… taxes..

BUT WAIT! Perseverance

Before you move on to go watch the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars… I promise you this interview isn’t going to bore you to tears, but in-fact could potentially save you thousands of dollars this year alone on your upcoming tax bill. Today, real estate investor and CPA Amanda Han is going to bring a TON of really great tips and advice to help you make sure you are making, and keeping, the most wealth possible.

Additionally, this show is one of the most fun interviews we’ve done on the Podcast, so it definitely brings the once-boring topic of tax planning to a whole new entertaining level. No matter what stage of investing you are in – you definitely don’t want to miss this incredible show.

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In This Show, We Cover:

  • How to find a good syndication deal
  • Important tax changes YOU need to know for 2013 and 2014
  • The Obamacare Tax – do you need to pay it?
  • The loophole that allows real estate investors to write off “paper losses.”
  • The new laws and tax changes that may limit your mortgage interest deduction
  • When to talk to a tax strategist
  • How to find a great CPA
  • The biggest misconceptions about tax deductions
  • What legal entity should you have?
  • Things YOU need to do before the end of 2013
  • How to deduct your cat food?
  • Investing with a Self Directed IRA
  • Common tax mistakes that many investors make
  • And much, much more.

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