Getting your first few real estate deals can be exceptionally tough — which is why today we wanted to introduce you to an investor who is just wrapping up his first INCREDIBLE year as a wholesaler: Ben Grise.

During his first year, Ben earned more from wholesaling than most Americans earn from their jobs — all while working a separate full time job, getting married, and having a baby! If you find yourself stressed, overworked and unsure of how to fit everything into your life — this is a “can’t miss” episode!

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In This Show We Cover:
What is Wholesaling?
How Ben went from poker star to wholesaling newbie
Why Ben chose wholesaling to get into real estate
The one trait a person needs to have to be successful at wholesaling
Ben’s first deal and his regret about his offer
How to tell your motivated sellers about your wholesaling profit
Why wholesalers get a bad rap
How Ben manages his time
5 automation tools Ben uses to streamline his business
The importance of being a great marketer
Ben’s plan going forward to grow his business
Using SEO to attract free leads
The most effective marketing technique for Ben
And lots more!
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