Beach Front Real Estate Vallarta

Beach Front Real Estate Vallarta

A home at the beach has the ability to bond families over generations as properties and their destinations become embedded in a families shared experience and then into a families permanent history.   Vacation home ownership is more than just a place to get a break from your daily life, if you have a family, it can be the source of bonding experiences and memories that will be passed on forever.   Many of us can remember a cabin or beach home that we went to with our parents, grandparents, cousins and other friends or extended family… sometimes this was the only time each year that we saw those other members of the family.   

What makes those memories so powerful to us?   In part it was the repeat visits to the same destination and the relationship we forged with the place itself (its sounds, smells, sights, people).   Because we are outside of our regular daily life and open to anything that might happen, we are able to enjoy these vacation experiences and their destinations even more and that is why the memories they leave behind are so strong.   

Here in Puerto Vallarta the market is still ‘young’ so that families from Canada and the USA may only be in their 2nd generation of home ownership here while families from Mexico may be entering into their third generation of home ownership at the beach.  As more young families take the step towards 2nd home ownership and as retiring parents start choosing places to settle down that will be enticing for the whole family we thought this article from Forbes Magazine written by Matt Woolsey Checklist: What To Consider Before Buying Waterfront Property’  (  might be helpful.

1.   Hurricane And Flood Liability

Flood and hurricane insurance is often sold separately from general homeowner’s insurance. If, as was often the case following Hurricane Katrina, insurance brokers can’t determine if your home was destroyed by wind or water, and you lack one of those insurance policies, it’s likely you won’t be reimbursed. If you’re a condo buyer, make sure to find out whether or not your condo fees cover wind and flood damage.

(Luckily for Puerto Vallarta this area is not prone to hurricanes)

2.  Changing Shorelines

Your mortgage is likely to last thirty years; shouldn’t your beach house? Beaches are victim to erosion and hurricanes. Spend some time researching information from your state’s geological survey to make sure your second home will remain on the good side of the shoreline.

(Good Advice and generally for the ocean front Condo complexes here it has already been contemplated)

3.  Rental Market

It’s unlikely that you’ll spend more than one or two months a year in your beach home. Understanding the status of the local rental market is key to how much of a drag your beach home will be on your finances. If you’re looking at buying in a beach community dominated by overbuilding or foreclosure, as with many of the submarkets in South Florida, there is currently a glut of unsold homes which are being rented, and rental yields are down as a result. Not being able to rent your home ups the overall cost of the investment.

(Puerto Vallarta still has a good rental market especially with the influx of baby boomers, trying out the market, over the next 13 years)

4.  Fringe Markets

A phenomenon seen during the boom in the urban market, but also in beach markets, was the rush to fringe markets with the idea that they were up-and-coming. Since the market has turned in both places, those fringe areas have depreciated quickly. We’re currently in a market where there are very few up-and-coming neighborhoods or beach communities in terms of appreciation, so you should be wary of any broker who promises you as much.

(No Fringe markets here.. we have been strong for almost 3 generations now)

5.  Consider Overseas

It’s never a good idea to buy into the next speculative bubble, but if you’re looking for a hot sales market, consider areas in Mexico, like Los Cabos, that are undergoing real-estate booms. These properties will often give you a lot more space, closer access to beachfront and more amenities than what you can buy in established U.S. markets.

(Yes.. We Agree.)

6.  Underwater Investor

Almost every beach community has investors, speculators and regular buyers in negative-equity situations. If you’re looking for a deal on a home (or want to know how low your low-ball offer can go) make sure to check the title and loan status of the home in question through the county assessor’s office. Keep in mind that a seller is unlikely to accept an offer too far below what he paid originally, unless he’s in extreme distress.

(There are opportunities in the market right now, though many people purchased with cash so they aren’t experiencing credit for their properties here)

7.  Beachfront Is King

If you are looking for appreciation, homes located on the beach are much more likely to hold their value than a cheaper alternative in the same town or community that doesn’t have beachfront. There’s a much more limited quantity of beachfront property than there is property waiting to be developed in beach areas.

(Beach front properties are the easiest to sell)  

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