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Channel The Designer In You


One thing I have found in my years of helping Sellers reach their real estate investment goals is that sometimes they are reluctant to invest in staging to help make the most or their capital recovery.  Sometimes they are reluctant to store decoration items or clean and organize the home when an agent recommends it.  We all believe that our home is beautiful, after all we live there and made it our own.  What may be great for us as homeowners may not be commercial for investment value.  Let’s face it sometimes we need help from ourselves.  Here are some important tips that Melissa Dittman Tracey offers that can help many of us stage our home properly for the highest returns on our investments.  She also has some very important tips for Real Estate agents in helping their clients.

Learning how to properly arrange furniture and enhance a home’s appeal so it shows in the best light is a growing business in the Real Estate industry. And more Real Estate professionals realize such skills are good to have in getting properties sold for top dollar.

Surveys have shown that staging homes can net sellers more money as well as help properties sell faster. Realizing the benefits, some sales associates are looking to add staging to their list of client value-added services, while others are even pursuing a staging career on the side to earn extra income.

It’s Not Just Fluffing Pillows

For agents admitting to sellers that their home is “covered in clutter” isn’t easy. Staging can require some finesse, taking care not to offend. It also requires developing knowledge of how to battle key trouble areas in a home and enhance features to increase the home’s marketability and get it sold, says Real Estate broker and stager Barb Schwarz, who is credited with coining the term “home staging” in the 1970s and who has introduced thousands of real estate professionals to it throughthe Accredited Staging Professional courses and designation.

Staging can include everything from full staging services for occupied and vacant properties to furniture or accessory rental, color consultation, positioning the property in the best light for photographing, and even consultation done virtually by enhancing photographs to show the possibilities.

Stagers set their own fees, but on average, consultation prices range from $200 to $500. However, a full staging job can reach upwards of $5,000.

“The work stagers do affects and impacts the sale of a property and ultimately the equity secured in the sale.”  Sometimes letting go of our home and personal possessions can be difficult but getting some professional outside help may just be the best thing when it comes to the sales price of your property.


For recommendations with staging help in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market contact one of your Timothy Real Estate Group agents who can help with a complete list fo service providers that will not only help you make the most of your property investment, they can help the entire process be enjoyable and


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