color-snap appRepainting Your Home? Want an App That Matches Colors?
Ok, you just bought your dream condominium in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and are anxious to get started with some remodeling. For most new homeowners, one of the first things you are likely to want to change are the colors of your new tropical home. This means going to a paint store and picking up some color swatches. This can be a time consuming trial as you stand in front of a wall of colors, trying to figure out what will match your new sofa, the dresser, dining table or that gorgeous painting you bought at the local art gallery. After about 45 minutes, you pick out a handful of color strips then head back home, only to remember once you get home is that you forgot to pick out colors for the master bedroom. Yikes! So you head back to the store and repeat the process. Chances are this will not be the last time you head back for additional swatches. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an App to do away with this massive time wasting chore? Well, your prayers have been answered. Sherwin-Williams has released ColorSnap, a color matching App that matches real-world colors to paint colors. You simply snap a picture of that sofa or dining table and ColorSnap will match it to Sherwin-Williams color palette of over 1,500 colors. It will even suggest other colors to match with it for you. You can also fine tune colors by using saturation, hues, or lightness. Once you’ve made your selection, save it and share it with your partner, interior designer, or friends via email or Facebook. The App will even allow you to locate a Sherwin-Williams store near you. Save yourself some valuable time by downloading this free App for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone or iPad. Get painting!
Taniel Chemsian

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