Analysis Paralysis

“Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker

I am downright obsessed with everything real estate. In fact, it should get a restraining order against me. I have stalked the field since the age of thirteen years old when I obtained an architectural drafting template and started designing houses.

I purchased the famous/infamous Carlton Sheets program from late night tv in high school and was forever hooked after that. Add the fact my best friend’s dad had some rental houses and we did handyman-type jobs to earn some side cash. The two combined to solidify a truth: real estate investing is a GREAT way to accumulate wealth.

As certain as I was, I made exactly one call to a listed property when I was 18 on an 10 unit apartment. The conversation was brief and it was an overwhelming feeling of fear that took hold. Despite my love, I was paralyzed. Analysis Paralysis had me in it’s death grip.

I went on to obtain a great education with a major in economics and minor in finance. Real Estate – of some sort – was always in my mind. So, upon graduation I went straight for a real estate job right?


A pattern began that, up until last year, would plaque my adult career. Despite my very clear objective I did nothing that would DIRECTLY meet my goal. Heck, I even thought I needed a law degree to do what I wanted. Talk about largely counterproductive. The student loan debt incurred was like heading east in search of an epic sunset. One positive thing, however: I did gain clarity on exactly what I want to be when I grew up. …read more