Conquer Language Barriers

In this article let us talk about the common objections and possible strategies for you to implement when you find yourself speaking with a hard-to-understand sellers of factory built housing or traditional real estate.

The end-goal of every real estate endeavor you perform is ideally for you to create a value and profit. The output (I.e. the action, diligence, marketing, appointments, offers made, etc) you put forth daily is simply the necessary effort needed to close consistent mobile home transactions. Use the strategies and techniques below to help communicate your message of intent to each seller about purchasing his/her property.

Identify the Common Language Barrier

What languages are you running into when you are calling sellers? Bring clarity to your business and next do something about this gap in communication. Bottom-line is the seller wants to sell and you want to buy. Past this hurdle there is money to be made.

Ask for a Close Relative to Help Translate

Many sellers that may not have experience with the local language may have a local relative (I.e. sibling, child, grandchild, neighbor, or parent) living nearby or in the same home to help translate. Use the sentence below to ask a Spanish speaking seller if there is anyone nearby that speaks English, or visa-versa in some areas. This is just one popular example of this translation.

  • Spanish to English: Is there anyone nearby that speaks English?
  • English to Spanish: Hay alguien cercano que habla Ingles?

Hire an Hourly Translator

One option you may choose is to hire a translator that speaks the language you require and works per minute or hourly. This can be either someone that you know such as a multilingual friend, colleague, classmate, or stranger from Craigslist. Ideally you will be able to call this person most …read more