SignNow-for-iPadIn this day and age, time flies by faster than a Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle II.  This Pentagon dream vehicle is so fast that it went missing during it’s maiden voyage, much like the so-called “Paperless Society” that was predicted by the big tech behemoths in the early 90’s.  While the US government is looking for their speed demon, the tech CEOs are waiting for the fog in their crystal ball to evaporate.

In the world of real estate contracts, time is of the essence and every second counts. There are deadlines, expiration dates and time sensitive terms and conditions that both parties need to agree to.  Real Estate agents often have to play the role of ‘time manager’, making certain all parties fulfill their obligations in a timely manner, to make sure no one falls out of contract.   This is where ‘Digital Signatures’ come in handy. There is no more need to physically print out a purchase contract, no more having to physically initial and sign on every page, then find a working fax to send the contract, or figure out how to use a multipage scanner to scan and email back to the other party. Often times there is no ink in the printer, the printer is not working, you can’t locate a fax machine, the fax machine isn’t working, or two fax machines aren’t communicating properly. Whatever the reason, you are wasting valuable time. With digital signatures you simply click on the attached PDF contract in your email, then click where you are to input your pre-registered initials or signature, then save and email back to the appropriate person. It takes a couple of minutes and can save you a lot of time. There are a multitude of free apps for your iPhone or iPad like DocuSign Ink and SignNow. These apps are a great solution in helping manage time sensitive deadlines in real estate contracts.

Taniel Chemsian

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