Dealing with Evil Tenants

Beware! Evil tenants are real!

If you read my post from last week, entitled “Seven Tenants I’d Never Rent To” – you know the kind I’m talking about. We can do everything in our power to screen for these tenants, but in the end – they sometimes slip through the cracks. (Speaking of “screening” – have you read my Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening yet?)

If you haven’t yet experienced an “evil tenant” yet- consider yourself very lucky. The truth is, nearly every landlord has or will encounter one. If you are wondering how you should deal with these “vile creatures-” then this post is for you. This goes out to all the landlords who have tenants who drive you crazy with their late payments, nitpicking, neediness, tendency to disturb other tenants, violence, and all around “evilness.”

If that’s you – or ever will be you – here are eight tips for dealing with them.

1. Be Objective

Evil tenants may be well-versed in deceiving people, and will try appealing to your emotions. Try to be as objective as possible. Set strict ground rules and stick to the policies you create. Enforce those policies fairly but strictly. Perhaps you can modify a thing or two with the payment, if absolutely necessary, but don’t fall for their stories easily without a degree of suspicion. Once you give in, they’ll not stop until they get you under their control.

2. Train Them

They say that you can “train people” on how to treat you in every day life – and this also works with your tenants. Show to them that you’re the one in control. Be empathetic, but objective and strict when giving options. Let them feel that you are a good friend when they …read more