Social Media

The term social media may roll off the tongue as a common phrase, but drawing down the actual meaning may mean things to different people.

What do you think social media means? For starters, “Facebook” probably pops in your mind, followed by twitter or LinkedIn. But what do all those platforms actually DO? Or more notably, why do you like using them?

I propose this first, because it will be important to focus on while you develop a framework for what your social media will look like, be like, and who it will attract.

Question #1:) Who is your desired audience?

Let’s pretend your phone rings right now, and it’s Polly Prospect. What would the profile of this person be? Age range, desired outcome, ability to (purchase, be the decision maker, take action)?

For instance, my phone rings and it would be John or Sally Homeowner. They have a house here in Phoenix that is upside down in equity, have a foreclosure notice, are not already working with someone, and are ready to start the paperwork. I can tell from the conversation they are motivated and will be dedicated to the process, and easy to work with.

Here’s the difference between social media and direct marketing/prospecting, so take note. When we market directly, we often get or pay for specific information for the people we are targeting. This can be done by geographic location, amount of equity in the house, amount of properties owned, the list goes on.

With indirect marketing (or whatever the proper terminology is), the idea is to connect you with those that could connect you to the people who would be your ideal customers, ie, referrals. In social media land, it becomes more or less …read more