Hello again from your friendly Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent!

Congratulations you have made the leap from thinking of investing and/or moving to Mexico to actually making your goal a reality!  How exciting!  I remember when I was in the process of moving here, it is exciting and a little scary too but it is all worth it living in a beautiful tropical location with a rich culture and friendly people.  Remember there is a lot of support here with experienced real estate professionals, home inspectors, escrow officers, attorneys and the notary offices that will help you with the transaction of buying a new home.  You also have a friendly Expat community to meet and make new friends and they will answer questions, give advice and help you adjust to your new environment.

Now it’s time to find you the right home and here are some questions you need to ask yourselves before you go out looking for properties.

  1. Do I want a condo or a house?  Or do I want to buy a piece of land and build my own house?
  2. Do I want a traditional Mexican home or something more contemporary, what amenities do I require?
  3. What kind of neighborhood do I want to live in?  Mostly Mexican, American, Canadian, Mixed?  Where will I feel most comfortable?
  4. Do I want to be in town where all the action is?  It might be a little noisy but you may like to be within walking distance and close to everything.
  5. On the beach, the hills, the Marina, on a golf course, near schools?
  6. Is this a rental investment property?  Future retirement?  Or retire right now?

When you have a basic knowledge of what type of property you’re looking for, where you want to be and what your interests are then this is a good time to hire a real estate professional, tell them what you’re looking for and start the search for your new home.

Right Home For You 1

Right Home For You 2

Right Home For You 2

Right Home For You 2

Some people are already here in town when they decide to invest but most people begin with the search online, they start a conversation and develop a relationship with a realtor by phone and email.  The agent will send you profiles of properties listed with details and photos about each property.

This will help you narrow down your search and when you arrive to Puerto Vallarta you will already have a game plan and know what you’re searching for.  Of course, you may change your mind on where you want to be and what kind of property you want after you have seen a few properties and its okay to change your plan, as we say here “No Problema.”

In my next article we’ll discover what questions to ask your real estate agent when searching for a home and the buying process in Mexico.

Featured Area:  Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is a residential and resort development that revolves around Mexico’s largest marina and a popular 18-hole golf course.  It is modern, clean and quiet and has smooth roads perfect for riding bicycles, walking and jogging.  In the marina you can charter fishing, cruising or sailboats and there is plenty of shopping with boutiques, art stores, furniture, interior design, clothing and jewelry.  You will also find full service spas, excellent restaurants and fun social bars.

The marina is a great location for a condo or house to invest in for rental income, raising a family or retire to and there are many options available depending on what you desire, beachfront, marina or golf course living.

Marina Vallarta is about 3 minutes (driving time) south of Puerto Vallarta Airport and approximately 20 minutes to Downtown Vallarta.

Donna Lynn Davies – AMPI Professional Real Estate Agent, Timothy Real Estate Group



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