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I have an extraordinary hatred for puzzles.

Now, you are probably thinking “that’s a strange thing to have a hatred toward.”

Well who asked you? I can explain…

Where was I?

Oh yeah – puzzles. Ugh.

You know the kind – where you open the box and there are 1000 little pieces staring up at you with hatred.

Where do I start? The corners? Then what? Do I really have to try 999 pieces to see what’s going to fit best with that corner piece? Why is this piece purple? Does this piece look “dirty” to you? I don’t like this … I’m going to take a nap.

Whether you like puzzles or not, there is one simple task that nearly every person does before beginning… they look at the box.

That’s right- the big photo on the front of the box that shows what the final puzzle should look like when it’s completed. If you are like me, you probably lean the box up against something so you can see the “whole picture” the whole time while you work.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about puzzle pieces in an article about flipping houses. Here’s the truth: flipping houses is often like a puzzle, and it helps to see the whole picture.

Ah… see what I’m getting at?

The internet is full of “puzzle pieces” about flipping houses.

  • ARV
  • Staging
  • Hard Money
  • Contractors

These are all pieces to the house flipping puzzle – and very important pieces at that. However, if you are new to house flipping, these little nuggets of information can look just like those 1000 little puzzle pieces on the table. It can be overwhelming.

I don’t want you to look at flipping houses with hatred, the way I look at puzzles.

So consider this post to be “the box cover.” This post is designed to be the whole picture, so ..