Flipping Houses

I have to admit, I am a little bit greedy when it comes the house flipping.

I don’t normally like to partner on many deals at this stage of my career but every once in a while when our deal flow is not as robust as I think it should be, I reconsider this whole concept of having partners.

But partnering is just another GREAT way for new investors (and grizzled veterans) to flip houses with no money.

In a post here a few weeks ago, we talked about three case studies for flipping houses with no money. So here on case study #4, we’ll get into a little bit more in-depth on how it all came together…especially you cynics who still think you can’t flip houses with any money of your own .

As you’ll see, it absolutely can…even if you are BRAND new to this whole flipping houses thing.

Flipping House with No Money Case Study #4

About four months ago, a couple of guys approached my acquisition manager Bill Roberts about a deal that they had. They were interested to see if we would be hard money lenders for their house flip.

Bill politely declined but recognized that there was an opportunity here for a potential acquisition for us.

These two guys were relatively new in the business and although they didn’t have the connections to get the money they were looking to borrow, we did not that wouldn’t be enough for us to even consider doing the deal.

So instead of completely casting this potential house flip aside, I told Bill to invite them down to our office so we can meet with them face-to-face.

So down to our office they came…

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