A few months ago, Taniel Chemsian of Timothy Real Estate Group approached Galleria Dante about participating in the filming of HGTV’S House Hunters International in Puerto Vallarta. We were honored to be involved in the project and had a great experience working with Taniel and the entire HHI team.


I have always been very impressed with this team of professionals at Timothy Real Estate Group along with their advertising efforts and their creative ideas for promoting Puerto Vallarta. My belief is that if a tourist or part-time resident has a great experience while visiting Puerto Vallarta, we will all benefit by their return visits and positive word-of-mouth to those they know. That is why we have always recommended other galleries to people visiting Galleria Dante. Maybe a visitor doesn’t find something they like in my gallery on their first visit, but any work of art purchased in Vallarta, and hung on a wall in some other country, positively promotes Vallarta and helps spread the word about the area being a prime cultural destination for travellers. We all (galleries, shops, restaurants, tour group, and other other realty companies) benefit from the extra efforts that Timothy Real Estate Group has gone to by inviting House Hunters International to include Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area in their productions.

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After the episode first aired, we immediately received a call from an Airline pilot/client, who happened to turn on the TV while over-nighting in some city.  Clients called from Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Arizona and Florida. Can you just imagine the potential new clients reached by this program?  It is so exciting! Car Timothy, Taniel Chemsian and the Timothy Real Estate Group promoted many businesses thru their involvement in HHl. My hat’s off to them for a job well done. Thank you for including Galleria Dante!

It was an exciting project to participate in, and I know we, as well as all of Puerto Vallarta, will benefit every time this episode and other Vallarta episodes are re-run on TV.

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Claire Guarniere


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